Davenport SAF-T Systems is committed to developing, testing and bringing the SAF-T VEST to market because injuries from falls are a public health crisis. Fall injuries should no longer be considered an inevitable consequence of getting older. As a society, we need to continue working to prevent falls from occurring. But our efforts should not stop there. It’s time to introduce a technology that will protect loved ones, preserve active lifestyles and extend independent living.

The SAF-T VEST will provide peace of mind and reduce the suffering and heartache associated with a serious fall injury. This is our mission.

Dr. Davenport discusses the concept for the SAF-T VEST

The case for the SAF-T VEST

According to the CDC, every second of every day an older adult suffers a fall in the U.S. Falls are the leading cause of injury and injury deaths in this age group as well. Davenport SAF-T Systems, led by Jay A. Davenport, M.D, a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, designed a patented, wearable tech solution to reduce devastating injuries from falls. Because when an older adult falls, there can be life-changing consequences. It could mean a long, difficult recovery, or the beginning of a steady physical decline. Familiar and enjoyable routines are disrupted. Independent living may no longer be possible. It’s critically important to bring the SAF-T VEST to market, to reduce injuries from falls and to protect a senior’s active, independent lifestyle.

According to the CDC, more than 1 in 4 adults falls each year, but less
than half tell their doctor. [Illustration by Dan O’Leary]

The SAF-T VEST is a novel solution to the problem of fall injuries, because it relies on readily-available components. Airbags are proven lifesavers in automobiles, and they are already being used in personal crash protection systems for certain high-speed activities. By providing 360-degree fall protection from the hips to the head, the SAF-T VEST is an insurance policy, keeping you safe while you stay active and on your feet.

As the U.S. population continues to age, the SAF-T VEST represents an important advance over the few fall protection systems available today, which are designed to protect only the hips. The SAF-T VEST will have a transformational effect helping seniors remain independent and physically active for longer and later in life. Preventing 100% of falls may never be possible. Protection from fall injuries, however, is within our reach.

Critical seed round of funding

We need funding to help us build an advanced prototype for safety and performance testing. We’ve opened a pre-seed round to raise $350,000 to cover three phases of development including the industrial and mechanical design, electrical system and firmware. Future modifications, robust performance and safety testing, and commercial launch will be funded through a planned equity round.

Help us achieve our mission

You can help support the development of the SAF-T VEST to reduce life-changing, devastating injuries caused by falls. Contact Ryan Davenport to learn more about investment opportunities and terms in Davenport SAF-T Systems.
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