Beat the clock: SAF-T VEST crowdfunding ends Dec. 1st

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Davenport SAF-T Systems enters a promising new phase of prototyping just as its successful crowdfunding campaign enters its final days.

“We’re making terrific progress on the SAF-T VEST,” said Ryan Davenport, Co-Founder and CEO. “Given how far we’ve come in the last six months, it’s clear the campaign has been a huge key to our success,” he said.  


Davenport says engineers are 1) refining the motion sensor’s fall recognition accuracy, 2) building reliable multi-system airbag inflation and 3) testing airbag configurations for maximum fall impact absorption.

The start-up has raised nearly $82,000, nearly 66% of its goal. With five days left, there’s still time to close that gap and help the company achieve its next major milestone.

Tuesday’s challenge–10 new investors!

Kablooe Design engineers (from left) Matt, Blake and Mark and I pose with “Manny,” our life-sized mannequin shown here wearing a mock-up of airbags in fully inflated mode.

The crowdfunding campaign ends Friday, December 1st at 11:59 p.m. Today’s goal, for Tuesday, November 28, 2023–sign up 10 new investors. Learn more about the SAF-T VEST and how to invest.

Davenport says when he tells people about the company’s mission, they often begin to tell him about the people in their life who’ve experienced falls.

“I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have a story about a loved one’s terrible fall,” he said. “We’re building the SAF-T VEST so seniors can walk with confidence, protect them from injuries and be independent.”

Every second of every day, an older adult in the U.S. suffers a fall. Over the past 20 years, the death rate from falls has more than doubled. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among people 65 and older. The SAF-T VEST is a wearable device that will detect a fall in progress and inflate a system of airbags to protect fracture prone areas of the body. The airbags then deflate, decelerating the user’s fall and absorbing the impact.

A public health crisis

In a matter of days, the company will test this next generation SAF-T VEST by fitting it to a life-size mannequin and tipping it over to evaluate the device’s fall protection response. Investments start at just $100. Investors get a stake in the company’s success, and the satisfaction of helping to advance the development of this life-changing technology.

“We’re so grateful for each of our investors,” Davenport said. “But we need more people to get behind this.”