As our crowdfunding campaign comes to a close, Davenport SAF-T Systems demonstrates a next generation multi-airbag SAF-T VEST

Davenport SAF-T Systems has successfully tested its next generation prototype of the SAF-T VEST.

The wearable smart vest was fitted to a full-sized mannequin. Then the mannequin was gently pushed, causing it to fall forward. The onboard motion sensors quickly detected a fall, which triggered inflation of its new multi-airbag system. The inflation took just 0.2 seconds. As the mannequin hit the floor, the airbags deflated to absorb the impact.

“This is a major milestone for our start-up,” said Ryan Davenport. We’re seeing the future of fall injury protection.”

Davenport said the company’s engineering partners are now evaluating the results of the demonstration, with an eye toward improving airbag protection in certain areas, including the face, head and neck. A second fall test is planned in the next 1-2 weeks. Future modifications and enhancements will transform the look of the prototype into a fashion-friendly article of clothing with fall protection capabilities.

Crowdfunding winds down

The breakthrough comes as the start-up’s crowdfunding campaign comes to a close at 11:59 p.m. ET today.

“For those who’ve been waiting to see more progress before investing–the wait is over,” Davenport said. “There’s still time to join more than 95 investors who have decided to help us make fall injury protection a reality.”

The start-up has not yet reached it’s maximum goal of $124,000 and Davenport says closing the gap is critically important to maintaining momentum.

“We take our mission seriously. Every second of every hour in the U.S. an older adults suffers a fall. Half of all nursing home residents fall each year. Up to a million hospital patients suffer falls. Across the nation, more than one in four seniors falls each year about 14 million people.”

A track record of progress

This latest milestone follows a string of accomplishments for the Minneapolis-based start-up. The company developed it’s first working prototype in collaboration with college seniors at the School of Engineering at University of St. Thomas. In January 2021, SAF-T VEST inventor and orthopedic surgeon Jay A. Davenport, M.D., received a U.S. Patent for his design. The company also received a $28,000 Innovation Grant from Launch Minnesota.

Davenport SAF-T Systems launched in 2017, by co-founders Jay A. Davenport and Ryan Davenport.