Davenport SAF-T Systems advances to semifinal round in nationwide MOST FUNDABLE COMPANIES competition

MINNEAPOLIS (July 3, 2020)—In its campaign to generate capital and investor support, Davenport SAF-T Systems continues to generate positive impressions from the start-up community.

The company has been notified it has advanced to the semi-final round of consideration to make the annual list of Most Fundable Companies. The competition is sponsored by the Pepperdine University Graziadio Business School in Malibu, Calif.

As a semi-finalist, Davenport SAF-T Systems is now one of a select group of approximately 100 companies chosen from more than 4,500 participants nationwide.

“This is great honor for our startup, and further validation the SAF-T VEST is an ideal investor opportunity because we are addressing a critical unmet need in the market with a novel approach,” said Ryan Davenport, vice president of Davenport SAF-T Systems. “Just making the cut to an elite group of 100 innovative companies out of 4,500 applicants shows people are noticing the important work we’re doing.

Top companies selected from the next round will be featured this October in the 2020 Most Fundable Companies List, which includes recognition in a national publication, such as Entrepreneur Magazine.

Davenport SAF-T Systems has already submitted detailed information to competition judges who will evaluate factors including the company’s strategic business plan, progress, market opportunity and organizational structure.

Competition officials expect to notify companies of their final selections in August.

Help us reduce fall injuries
To help us reach our next goal—to build a working prototype suitable for testing and modifications, Davenport SAF-T Systems has launched a GoFundMe campaign. Your donation of any amount will be used to help us meet a host of expenses – legal fees, engineering costs and research. Most of our progress to date has been self-funded, with more than $30,000 invested from our own resources.

About Davenport SAF-T Systems
Fall injuries are a public health crisis. in 2015, the direct medical cost of fall injuries in the U.S. topped $50 billion. Jay A. Davenport, M.D., a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, designed the SAF-T VEST, a wearable tech solution, to reduce the risk of injury in falls. The SAF-T VEST is equipped with sensors that continuously monitor the user’s center of gravity. When an unrecoverable fall is detected, a microprocessor will trigger a network of airbags to inflate in a fraction of a second, absorbing the impact of the fall and deflating rapidly for a soft landing. The airbags protect the pelvis, hips, upper extremities and head. Learn more at davenportsaftsystems.com.