Nationwide poll reveals widespread concern among seniors about fall injury risks; support for a solution

MINNEAPOLIS (Nov. 8, 2019) A survey commissioned by Davenport SAF-T Systems reports strong awareness of the problem of injuries from falls, and a willingness to consider the potential of a new, wearable solution.

Nearly 400 adults ranging in age from 45 to 75 and above from across the country were asked about their level of concern for fall injuries and their impressions of the potential for a wearable fall protection solution.

Among the key findings: More than 8 in 10 adults age 45 to 75+ reported concern about the risk of a fall injury—either for themselves or for a loved one. About 77% of those surveyed believed the SAF-T VEST, as described, could reduce fall injuries. Further, 67% of adults age 55 to 75+ reported they would consider wearing the SAF-T VEST to protect them in a fall. And among adults age 45-54, 44% said they would recommend the device to a loved one.

Finally, perhaps most compelling, a full 90% of those surveyed considered the SAF-T VEST to be “new and different” from what is currently available. The survey, conducted in July, involved 383 adults. Results were considered accurate to within +/- five percentage points.

About Davenport SAF-T Systems
Davenport SAF-T Systems is developing the SAF-T VEST, a wearable technology designed to reduce the risk of injury in falls. Injuries suffered from falls are a growing public health crisis. In 2015, the direct medical cost of fall injuries in the U.S. topped $50 billion.

Invented by founder Jay A. Davenport, M.D., a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, The SAF-T VEST is equipped with sensors that continuously monitor the user’s center of balance. When an unrecoverable fall is detected, a microprocessor will trigger a network of airbags to inflate in a fraction of a second, absorbing the impact of the fall and deflating rapidly for a soft landing. The airbags protect the pelvis, hips, upper extremities and head.